It wasn’t me, I was hacked -Guy who vowed to ‘chop’ DJ Switch speaks


Richard Amoah, the guy who passed comment on Facebook under the post of DJ Switch that he would ‘chop’ her has finally spoken for the first time in a new video on the issue.

In a video sighted, Richard explained how the whole incident happened that led him to be on blast on social media. He the post was not made by himself as he is a very busy person.

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In giving an explanation with respect to how the comment appeared in his name under DJ Switch’s post, Richard Amoah indicated that it might have been the work of a hacker or hater.

The young man disclosed that he started receiving a lot of unusual notifications from Facebook and wanted to know what exactly was happening because he seldom gets alerts.

Not so happy about the situation, Richard detailed that when he checked his profile, he realized he had received lons of messages with some being insults, criticism with some being advice.

He continued that he went on to check why he was getting so much blast on social media only to realize that his Facebook page had posted “I for chop this kiddie”, under a post made by DJ Switch, the Ghanaian-Internationally accepted DJ.

DJ Switch
DJ Switch

“I’m more than certain that I was not the one who made the post, it may be a hacker or hater who has access to his profile and was using it to cause harm to my personality”.

Richard Amoah’s profile was reported by angry Ghanaians to Facebook profile for it to be blocked. They thought it was a useless post that needs to be off social media.


Ama K Abebrese, who was disgusted by the comment took to Twitter to condemn him.

She wrote: “This guy Richard Amoah feels justified writing on the internet that he will ‘rape’ a child; DJ Switch. ‘Rape’ because a child cannot consent to sex with an adult. I speak with families of defiled children and there is nothing funny about this. This very abhorrent.”

Apparently, the actress is hurt by the specious statement of the young guy hence her blast to him.

KOD took it a step further as he placed a Ghc 2,000 bounty on the head of Richard for information that will lead to his arrest and prosecution to serve as a deterrent to people who use social media to cause turmoil.


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