Is this the proof Coronavirus was manufactured in the lab?


The novel Coronavirus since it’s outbreak in Wuhan Province of China in 2019 has infected over 200,000 people with death tolls rising every day.

Many have questioned themselves and authorities about the origin of this virus.

According to scientists, the Coronavirus comes from a family of viruses that infect the respiratory system.

Such viruses include Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and Mediterranean East Respiratory Syndrome  (MERS).

The Chinese government has recently pointed fingers at the US military for ‘cooking’ Coronavirus to hurt China.

Many believe this might be true considering the fact that Coronavirus is not a new virus but is a mutated virus from an already existing virus.

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The questions to answer are; If it is a mutated virus

●Who mutated the virus?

●Why was it mutated?

A former American counter-terrorism specialist Philip Giraldi  has revealed that  Coronavirus is not a natural virus but a virus manufactured in the laboratory.

He said“Coronavirus did not occur naturally through mutation but rather was produced in a laboratory, possibly as a biological warfare agent.”

It is no news that The Trump administration has had issues with China’s growing population and economic powers.

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Could this be a weapon to “keep” China down?

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