Infected mosquito bite leaves man with a leg five times its normal size and the condition is ‘untreatable’ {photos}


Infected mosquito bites from more than two decades ago left a Cambodian man’s leg five times its normal size due to an untreatable parasitic disease.

27-year-old Bong Thet from Cambodia who once dreamed of becoming a footballer is now forced to drag the painful leg along the ground in Kampong Chhnang province due to his condition.

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According to Bong, the tumour developed from small wounds on his foot when he was just six-years-old, and at that time, he said his parents ignored because they thought he injured himself while playing outside.

He said small lumps grew around his foot and completely covered his leg by the time he reached 12-years-old.

Due to his inability to afford the medical treatment in the poverty-stricken country, his condition worsened over the years.

See photo below;


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