I won’t sell my father’s famous cap no matter the amount – Goalkeeper Robbert Mensah’s son…


Son of one of Ghana’s biggest goalkeepers Robbert Mensah, Robbert Mensah Junior has for the first time spoken to the media.

Robbert Mensah who is currently incapacitated is certain that he will be well with the Grace of God.

Robbert who keeps his father’s cap which he used to wear while playing football said he is not willing to sell off the cap although there are people who have an interest in buying it.

He said he has kept the cap for over 50 years and until he consults his late father in it and is given the opportunity, he will continue to keep the cap till he lives the earth.

Robber Spoke to Zylofon Media’s Blakk Rasta in an interview when he made this known.

Saddick Adams who is known for producing a documentary on the once big football star who was killed a day before he was travelling abroad to further his career said on Twitter that “When Goalkeeper Robert Mensah was stabbed to death, his wife was six months pregnant. When she heard the news, she went into forced labour. The baby, Kofi Antoh is here. Says he will not trade the cap for any amount though he has no legs to walk. Interviewed by Blakk Rasta”.

Adding that “The cap was worn by his dad in football games. It was given to this posthumous son on his first birthday and he has kept for 50 years. It’s the only gift he got to keep the memory of his dad”.

Meanwhile, football lovers in the days of old have told stories of Robbert Mensah and his exploits as a goalkeeper.

He is said to have always had his cap on and never conceded goals as a goalkeeper; his type was not found in his generation but could not rise to the pinnacle of his career because he was killed.

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