I woke up to find my husband’s kid brother’s manhood in me – Woman Narrates


    A very abominable incident is said to have happened as a woman narrates how his husband’s younger brother had sex with her whiles she was sleeping in the same room with the boy and her children.

    The lady who was speaking during an interview stated that her husband’s kid brother came to stay with them in their single room where they stayed with their children which she didn’t second to because the room was too small to hold all of them but the husband insisted that his brother stayed with them too as he is his brother.

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    According to the woman whose name is not yet identified, she felt something strong and hard around her private part one night and taught it was his husband making love to her but realised later on that it was the younger brother of his husband who was banging her from behind.

    She added that she had asked his husband to let his younger brother go even before the incident happened but his husband always claimed he doesn’t like his family members which made her decide to just stay quiet.

    Watch the video below;


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