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“I Walked from Ghana To Senegal” – Business Tycoon Shares His Life Experience

Doctor Moses Nii Addo Amarh-Ofori, an orphan who lived a life of fear and severe hardship shared his sorrowful life experience on The Star Talk Show hosted on Pilla News Tv.

Moses never knew his father since he was born and lost his mother at an early age. Being the only son of his mother, family members who intended to give him help at a point caused him so much pain with their words and actions.

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However, being denied love and care from his mother’s family, he took upon himself to pass through the worst in order to make a living.

Nii Amarh after completing Junior High School ventured himself into businesses both in and out of Ghana so as to obtain money that will be enough for him to continue his education and also be at the safer side after he had completed school since he had no fund from family to support himself and those who decided to give a helping hand also got fed up along the journey.

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As a result of his intense hardship situation Moses Amarh narrates how he walked all the way from Ghana to Senegal Spending three (3) good weeks.

Doctor Moses Nii Amarh-Ofori emphasized in his speech on The Star Talk Show that, he didn’t get to where he is now with the Doctor title attached to his name on a silver platter.

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