“I slept as a man and woke up a woman just one day after breakup” — Man narrates his mysterious transformation overnight —watch video


An unidentified man has narrated to the media how he shockingly woke up to see himself in a different stature after breaking away from her girlfriend.

The man told Afrimax English that he was born male and was in a relationship with a woman whom he broke up with after a misunderstanding.

That night, he narrated how he went to bed with a male organ only to wake up feeling unusual; his manhood had disappeared with a twat in its place.

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The man-turned-woman said he raised an alarm and some fetish priests were summoned where he was informed he had been bewitched by his ex-lover.

His ex, he said, confessed to the crime, saying she was pained he called off their wedding which was due in weeks.

Now in possession of a new genital, the man has started living completely as a woman, donning female dresses and make-up.

Despite living in an anti-LGBTQ community, the man stated he has been pardoned as all and sundry know of his predicament.

He is now married to a man who he said lived in fear that he might just wake up normal again, a situation he said would be the end of their marriage.


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