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I saw the bombs through my window-Terrified Ghanaian Medical student in Ukraine gives chilling account

A first-year medical student from Ghana identified as Joshua Kwabena has given a chilling account of how he is coping along with his colleagues in Ukraine amid the country’s clash with Russia.

Joshua Kwabena who is one of the many Ghanaian students trapped in his hostel witnessed the initial explosions that were fired at Ukraine from Russia.

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Speaking with BBC Radio, the Ghanaian student who lives in the second largest city of Ukraine, Kharkiv said he is confused about his next line of action.

“We don’t get any information here.I am currently in hostel 9, where there are only foreign students. So we don’t know who to speak to. Our student leaders keep telling us to get our documents together but no trains or buses are moving so we don’t know what will happen” Joshua disclosed.

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“I am not familiar with Ukrainian. All I can speak is the usual greetings.I cannot have any conversation and all my Ukrainian classmates are also not around to help with anything.” He added.

Ghanaian students in Ukraine has called on the government to evacuate them to a safe place amid the clash between Ukraine and Russia.

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