Hungry Slay Queen Who Has Been Collecting Money From A Mechanic To Pay Him A Visit Finally Shamed The Devil As She Showed Up At His Working Place


An unknown mechanic has received the shocking suprise of his life after a slay queen he has been chatting on Facebook finally showed up at his work shop.

Each one of us have had this experience where we devote our life to chat certain women we met on social media. Some even go ahead to send momo to their respective women as transportation fare but the ladies most atimes squander the money and refuse to show up. While some with God fearing heart will give tangible excuse, others will defy all odds and block you to avoid disturbance and disgrace.

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Well, this mechanic who has won the heart of a slay queen has received a suprise visit from the lady he has been chatting on Facebook.

According to report, he has been chatting with the lady on social media for a while and gave her a transportation fare, thinking she won’t come because he is a mechanic.

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However, the mechanic was shocked to the bone when the lady arrived his working shop smiling.


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