How To Import From China To Ghana Without Leaving The Country


China is one of the most industrial countries in the world known for its high production of different types of products. Located in Asia, China is very far from Ghana and because of that most people find it difficult to import from China to Ghana.

This problem has been bothering most people for a very long time, especially those who have been scammed before by the so-called “middle-men”. Because of that in this article, I am going to show the complete guide on how to import from China to Ghana without leaving the country.

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In Ghana, most people are of the perception that China-made products are inferior as compared to those manufactured in the other parts of the world, especially the Americas and Europe. But most of these companies in the Americas and Europe usually manufacture their products in China.

For example, Cupertino-based American company Apple Inc known mainly for their production of iPhones, design their iPhones at the Apple Park in Cupertino, California, USA, and assembles them in China (this can be found at the back of iPhones, “Designed by Apple in California Assembled in China”).

As a result, the few Ghanaians who know the quality of products made in China, prefer to import their goods from China instead of America and Europe. Apart from the quality of the products, made-in-China goods are relatively cheaper as compared to those from the other parts of the world; this can be said for almost all the countries in Asia in general.

Therefore, knowing the dos and don’ts of importing from China to Ghana, the requirements and all the important details will help you a lot and that is what this article is going to do for you. Read on to find out everything you need to know and how to import from China to Ghana.

In this Article:

Alibaba Express Ghana

Using Alibaba express, you can order and get your goods in time with the cheapest shipping fees. Also, the shipment service is very secure and trustworthy.

5. Pay the required fees and ask for all the necessary documents

After buying your products, the next thing is to pay the required fees for both the product and the shipping. If you choose Alibaba, the shipping will be done for you, but you need to pay the product and shipment fees.

After paying the required fees, make sure that you take the necessary proof of payments for future references.  Also, ask for all the documents needed when clearing your goods at the port in Ghana. Once the ship leaves China, the supplier will be given the original Bill of Loading, make the Invoice, Packing List, and other necessary documents, and can be sent to you by international express like FedEx, DHL, etc.

6. Gather all the documents and clear your good from the port

Once your goods arrive at the port, the final thing will be to clear the goods from the port and then send them home and sell or do whatever you want with them.


After reading this article, you shouldn’t find it difficult to ship from China to Ghana without having to travel to China. The points in this article are straightforward and can be easily understood by everyone.

Take your time and read through it and you will be good to go. Have you ever shipped from China to Ghana before? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.