Hookup girl reveals celebrities ‘pimp’ them for cash

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H0okup girl, known under the pseudonym Adwoa has revealed that some Ghanaian celebrities give them cl!ents for cash.

In an interview on ‘[email protected] Truth’ on SVTV Africa, Adwoa indicated that some celebrities are in the business and also ‘p!mp’ them when there is a ‘m0ve’.

Having been in the business for 5 years, her plans of quitting are slim unless she acquires an amount of 50,000 Ghana Cedis. Adwoa adds that they do not do this by choice but it is a necessity for survival.

“There are so many ladies doing hookup in Accra. About 95 per cent are doing it because they have no jobs but they need to feed. I will stop only if someone gives me 50,000 cedis,” she told host DJ Nyaami.

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Adwoa further confessed that even though she regrets the path chosen, the search for money drives her actions. In response to her desire for marriage, Adwoa declared that she will, eventually.

“I regret it sometimes but I need the money and it’s an easier way to getting it. I would want to get married to a supportive man. Currently, I have a boyfriend but the money he gives me is not enough to stay with him alone,” she expressed.

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