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Here’s the video of the moment Gyakie hugged Kofi Jamar but allegedly snubbed Yaw Tog (WATCH)…

In case you’re puzzled about reports suggesting Gyakie and Yaw Tog are not on good terms, this piece is aimed at giving you the backstory of why the two are currently trending.

A video that captures the heartwarming moment afrobeats singer, Gyakie hugged Kofi Jamar and allegedly snubbed Yaw Tog at an event went viral Wednesday morning.

Following the emergence of the short clip, fans have been divided in their opinions regarding its veracity as many have questioned the reason behind Gyakie’s purported actions.

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While some have already directed insults at Gyakie for purportedly disrespecting Yaw Tog, who many argue to be more talented than her, others have shared their two cents saying otherwise after keenly watching the video over and over again.

In case you missed the video, watch it below.

The rumours flying around has compelled Kofi Jamar and Gyakie to take to the internet space to clear the confusion in the heads of their fans.

Kofi Jamar posted a statement on social media debunking any bad blood between Gyakie and Yaw Tog.

According to him, two colleagues are not feuding, neither are they involved in any secret controversy against each other.

He reveals Yaw Tog was the first person Gyakie hugged right before him, a statement that intends to debunk earlier reports on the internet following the viral video.

Gyakie, on the other hand, has bemoaned the fast circulating video and reports accompanying it, without proper fact-checking from the appropriate quarters.

In a tweet, she explained that the video only depicted a one-sided story of the entire period she spent with Kofi Jamar and Yaw Tog.

She wrote: “Half information and wrong understanding can be very poisonous.”