‘Go for ‘Sakawa Money’ and you’ll get fine girls’ – Lady Tells broke guys -[Watch]

A youthful alleged University of Ghana student has prompted folks who are penniless yet desire to date pleasant young ladies such as herself to go for blood money so their desires can be fulfilled.

Whiles young men are battling to make it in a legit way, others go through very hard times to make it and cruise all over in costly vehicles.

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Money rituals otherwise known as sakawa has since turned into the ‘ultimate’ option for the ‘get-rich-quick’ young men as many have made it to the detriment of ending the existence of their dearest ones.

It is in such a manner that the young lady in this video that has sparked an uproar online advised that young men who need to have everything and date the young ladies to go through the drill to have the option to have what their spirit generally wants.

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In a random data question, the lady conceded that dating a rich person is the best option for her since she will be spoiled with gifts, not at all like broke folks who will rather request from you and are stingy.

Watch the video below;

source: atinkanews