“Giving Me A Cheap Gift Is Like Giving Me Nothing At All, I Will Throw It Away” – Nigerian Actress


Nollywood actress, Sylvia Oluchy, has taken to her Twitter page to share her take on gifts saying that she hates cheap gifts.

According to her, they make no economic sense because the receiver would only say ‘thank you’ but not appreciate them and probably trash them later.
According to Sylvia, she hates cheap gifts because they make no economic sense. According to her, the receiver of the gift would not appreciate it and would trash it later. She said it leaves no sentimental gratitude.

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In her words: “I hate cheap gifts. No, this is not a bourgeoisie mentality. Cheap gifts make no sense economically. The person you are gifting it to will not appreciate it, they’ll smile, thank U and throw it away once you leave. So it’s just a waste of waste money and leaves no sentimental gratitude”.

What I don’t understand is, does the worth of a gift really matter? Isn’t it the thought that counts? What do you think of her statement? Share your thoughts with us.

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