Friday dawn ‘dumsor’ elicits social media reaction from Ghanaians


Thousands of Ghanaians took to Facebook and Twitter to complain about unannounced power outages in parts of the country early Friday, May 22, 2020.

It is not clear the exact areas the power outages, known popularly as dumsor, hit, however, commentators on social media mentioned that they experienced the outage in communities located within the Greater Accra, Western, Ashanti, and Central regions.

Some of the comments poked fun at the timing of the power cut while others vent their anger at the discomfort caused by the situation.

Benjamin Addotey

Yhp nationawide

Cape Coast Meek Mill🇬🇭@MelanatedKing21

Might be a glicth or something cos we don’t want any Dumsor during this covid season

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Bossy 💦💨@iBossy__

I think we need to get a day for the government every month so they use that day for dumsor .. No lights the whole of that day . Anaa mebodam 😕

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Light 💡 Out!! So annoying 😤😤
These Our ECG pple di333, more than illiteracy 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️!! No announcement to show something like the light 💡 will go off!! This madness I don’t think 🤔 far!! Ahba!! I tire sef!! Then Ghanaians will over Throne Mahama saying he likes dumsor!! 😡😡😤

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Light off

The Sash Meister@thekwameackah

Be like the dumsor the whole Ghana ooo.

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Meanwhile, the Ghana Grid Company Limited (GRIDCo) has said it is fixing the challenge.

🇬🇭👀 Plus233Tv🎭🗣🎬📺📰📹🎥📸@plus233tv

#GHToday after the energy minister Peter Amewu told Ghanaians that the @NAkufoAddo government had cleared all arrears owed #ECG to the extent of a credit balance of about GhC 500 million, the good old people at #ECG decide to throw the whole #Ghana into dumsor. Clap for them.

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According to GRIDCo, power has since been restored to some parts of the affected areas.

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