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Every Ghanaian should undergo a 3-month military training after SHS…

In countries such as Israel, South Korea, Switzerland and the likes, citizens and made to undergo compulsory military programs in order to inculcate discipline and a self of responsibility.

Years on, many of these countries gives testimonies of their sacrifice since much resource are levied into this kind of training. In some countries, children who display continues attitude of indiscipline are often sent to military base to be tame.

Ghanaians could not help but recommend military training of this kind for the country especially SHS graduates after a picture of a military lady dressing some school boys went viral on social media.

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Many individuals shared endless list of experiences they had with the Ghana military with relation to their level of discipline and could not help but recommend to the government to consider investing its resources to this regard.

‘Minister for happiness’, Nana Yaw Kesse was among the many to share their thoughts and recommendations. According to him, if possible, every Ghanaian should undergo a 3 month military training after completing Senior High School (SHS). This, according to him, will help instil discipline even though logistics involved is huge, the sacrifice will be worth it.

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In post intercepted by Coverghana, Nana Yaw Kesse said,

“Yesterday, I stopped in traffic front of the Ministry of Defence HQ waiting for the traffic light to turn green. There was this sharp looking military police officer stationed in front of the entrance to ensure no car stops at the entrance.. knowing Ghanaians. Lol.”

“Two school boys passed by her and greeted. She noticed that the belt of one of the boys was not properly tightened, and his shirt was also not properly tucked in. She stopped them and helped the boy to dress up properly.”

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“I  couldn’t help but quickly steal this picture. If possible, every Ghanaian should undergo 3 months military training after SHS. I am sure that would have helped instil some discipline. The logistics involved in managing that would have been huge but it would have helped.”

Below was the photo he added to his post on his social media handle.