E-levy Has Exposed Government’s Mismanagement Of The Economic – MFWA Boss Claims

Executive Director for the Media Foundation for West Africa Sulemana Braimah has said that it’s amazing how the current government is confessing to have mismanaged the economy of Ghana.

He said that is it is worrying that Ghana’s economy has been mismanaged to the extent that if the e-levy is not introduced, the country may have to go back to the IMF.

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Sulemana Braimah made this known on social media.

He indicated that the government under the leadership of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo have always championed claims of prudently managing the economy but that has been exposed as a lie considering the fight to get e-levy to be implemented

“It’s amazing how the gov’t is now confessing and admitting that the economy has been mismanaged to the point where there will be an economic disaster if E-levy is not passed. If you mismanage the economy and engage in creative accounting the hide the reality, E- Levy will expose U,” he said on social media.

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The Government of Ghana is seeking to introduce e-levy in order to raise revenue for the country and improve the country’s fiscal space in order to avoid going to the International Monetary Fund for assistance.

The introduction of this levy has been met with contempt from a section of the Ghanaian people who believe that it will bring untold hardship, job loses and also defies the financial inclusion the country seeks.

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