Date Rush Season 4: What happened During The Re-Union Edition ?[Photos]


The season 4 final edition of one of the most talked about television programs on TV3, Date Rush has successfully come to an end. Here are the updates during the re-union edition on Sunday 4th April, 2021.

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Most of the contestants who found date during the contest, were present to share how far they have gotten with their partners. Some ended in tears, others have been able to sustain their relationship till now.

In all, that of Gyato and Grace got the attention of most viewers on the show. It was goosebumps all over when Grace proposed to Gyato on live television.

This tells how well their relationship is moving and who knows, they might end up emerging as the first wedded couple of TV3 Date Rush.

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Unfortunately for Ruby, one of the ladies who got date with a certain ‘Powder guy’, they couldn’t go further with their relationship and it ended in tears for Ruby.

However, Ruby confirmed on twitter days before the re-union edition that, she has been dumped by the guy after she offered him all his favourite styles in bed.

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Sandra, the lady who was chosen by one Bebelino guy, was also hailed on social media after she said was ever ready to invest in the guy so that they aim for a better future.

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Also, according to most of the guys, their relationship with their dates ended quickly as a result of the girls demanding money every now and then from them, especially in the case of Bismarck and Sedzime.

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Finalizing, the season 4 of Date Rush can best be described as the most popular television content in Ghana, watched by almost every Ghanaian.

The season 5 will soon commence on TV3 and viewers can’t keep calm while waiting for it.

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