COVID-19: Airlines will pay $3,500 for each unvaccinated passenger they fly in – KIA…


Ghana has issued a revised travel guideline for international passengers, including passengers from West Africa, as a result of the new COVID -19 variant, Omicron.

The travel advisory, which is in eight categories, will take effect from December 14, according to a statement from Ghana airports.

The new guidline puts the responsibility of vaccination and adherence on both passengers and the airline such that airlines will not allow passengers who are not properly vaccinated or have no proof of an accepted COVID-19 test to board.

According to a report, airlines will be fined US$3,500 per passenger if they board passengers without PCR test results or transport and disembark passengers with Positive PCR test findings into Accra.

Non-Ghanaians in this category may be denied admission and returned to the port of embarkation at the expense of the airline, whereas Ghanaian passengers will be granted entry but must undergo a 14-day mandatory quarantine at a specified facility.

The penalties also apply to airlines that carry people into Ghana without first pre-validating their TT code (acquired from a TT lab) or TC provided online following the upload and analysis of an authentic PCR test result using the PanaBIOS or Global Haven software.


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