Couples wed 32ft down the sea to set a record (Photos)


A world record wedding has surfaced online as couples (Julie and Sean) have blown the minds of people as they defy logic to have their wedding underneath the sea (32ft down the sea).

Pictures of the couples having their wedding under the Caribbean Sea have surfaced online and fast going viral, the picture which captures five persons including an officiating pastor has gotten people talking on social media.

Going against all odds, they did the unthinkable by going down into history as being the first-ever couples to have had their wedding ceremony underwater.

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Pictures of the couple showing them 32 feet underwater in the Caribbean Sea is trending online. Surprisingly these two out of all beautiful locations on earth, choose to have their wedding underwater call it crazy, but it’s!

These lovelies were accompanied by an officiating pastor and three in their underwater reunion.

See lovely photos of Julie & Sean’s Underwater wedding:

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Couples wed 32ft down the sea

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Records are made to be broken who, could be next to practice and where would the reception be the Atlantic ocean? I sure support this wedding be the wedding of the century.


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