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Caterer shockingly narrates how clients forced her to cook and fry human meat for guests

Few topics cause more intense feelings of revulsion than cannibalism. To Western sensibilities, the consumption of another human’s flesh seems abhorrent, vile, and morally wrong. However, is cannibalism bad for your health?

Although the knee-jerk reaction to eating human flesh can be strong, the actual morality and ethics behind those feelings are not as simple as they first appear.

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A netizen identified by her handle as @prookieyah has narrated how a caterer and her servers were made to cook and fry human meat by her clients.

According to the narrator, the caterer secured the gig and was paid ahead of the event. She was also asked to come with servers which she did.

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However, on the D-day, the caterer and her servers were driven to an unknown location where people were being slaughtered/butchered and were asked to cook and fry the human meat.

They were also asked to eat some, which they did due to fear of being killed. The caterer’s mental health has been messed up ever since the incident occurred.

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