Bride left stunned after ex she left for being broke storms her wedding to spray cash [Video]


These days social media is full of wedding videos. Sometimes the dance videos of the bride and groom go viral,
other times the fun moments during the wedding.

Recently, a video capturing the moment bride was left stunned when her ex stormed her wedding to spray cash set tongues wagging on social media.

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According to reports accompanying the video gaining online prominence , the lady left the man with the explanation that he was broke and unable to cater for her needs.

That was the reason their promising relationship ended abruptly and the woman moved on with a different man.

After years of separation, the man decided to work on himself to prove to his ex-girlfriend that he was capable of working hard in order to make something worthwhile for himself.

He decided to storm the wedding of his ex to spray cash with the underlying message that her decision to level him was wrong, immature and regrettable.


The expression on the face of the bride spoke volumes about her regret. She clearly wished she had made a better decision.

We cannot authoritatively reveal if this is a reality or an extract from a movie but the video is currently trending on social media.

Watch the video below :