Breaking: Former UCF Star Otis Anderson Jr allegedly shot & killed by his dad after fight over Dog Bite…


Former UCF star Otis Anderson Jr was allegedly shot and killed by his dad on Monday night after the two had gotten into an argument over a dog bite.

According to Otis Jr’s mother Denise Anderson,the violent altercation started after her son’s girlfriend’s dog had bitten Otis Anderson Sr.

The Police say Denise told them Otis was so enraged over the bloody wound caused by the dog which made he and Otis Jr proceed to get into a verbal altercation.

Denise claimed the two were eventually separated when she told Otis Jr. to go upstairs.

The cops added that she then got into an argument with Otis Sr,one in which Otis Sr. flipped over a recliner causing Otis Jr to comeback downstairs to check on his mom.

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