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Boyfriend removes all his teeth to prove his love for his girlfriend

Growing up and hearing the famous saying “love conquers everything”, I never believed until I chanced upon this documentary of a young man who has gone all out to remove all his teeth just to prove the worth of the love he has for his girlfriend.

The guy, said to be an Egyptian chose to express his undying love to his girlfriend by going toothless.

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To shock you more with his unimaginable story, he used his teeth to decorate a beautiful necklace for his girlfriend.

I know you have laughed and shouted on top of your voice, yes, that is how far love is driving people crazy.

Whiles people get the names of their loved ones tattooed on their bodies, this guy who has obviously fallen in love for the first time has done the unthinkable, and social media users are bashing him left-right-center following his bizarre decision.

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Now, the big question is, what will this guy do when the girlfriend breaks up with him? Which lady will agree to settle down with a toothless man?

Love can indeed make a person go nuts but at least one must use his/her head when it comes to the making of crucial choices like this.

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