Beating out sins: Pastor flogs church members with ‘anointed belt’ [Watch]


A video has emerged showing a rogue pastor flogging church members with belt during a church service, all in the name of cleansing them from sins.

The pastor went aroundthe pulpit whipping the congregants with a belt, which he claims was anointed, as worship songs played in the background.

According to reports, the pastor was ‘beating out sins’ from the brainwashed congregants, the majority of whom were women.

He promised them that their sins were forgiven after he was done with the crazy stunts.

The video has sparked a lot of reactions on social media, with a majority of Netizens condemning the rogue man of God for brainwashing innocent souls.


“There are many groups out there masquerading as a church and far too many of us calling ourselves Christians contrary to the Bible’s clear teaching,” a Twitter user commented.

“What people don’t understand is that Christianity and the bible is a conspiracy which was written many years back but only reached Africa in late 1900,” another Twitter user reacted.

Watch the video below :


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