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BBC reporter breaks down in tears live on air after discovering family home has been bombed

A BBC reporter broke down in tears live on air today after discovering that her family home had been bombed.

BBC World presenter Karin Giannone had been joined by her colleague Olga Malchevska in the studio when the Ukrainian journalist recognised pictures of her family home, which had been destroyed by Russian bombs overnight.

“”It would seem that the fighting is very close now to the centre of Kyiv,” Karin said.

Olga replied: “It looks like that from the pictures I’m getting, but basically – I’ve just got a message from my mum.”

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Looking down at her phone, she continued: “Finally, I couldn’t reach her.

“She’s been taking shelter, she’s hiding in the basement. Luckily she wasn’t in our building.”

BBC World presenter Karin Giannone had been joined by her colleague Olga Malchevska

Images then showed the fire brigade coming to help as an apartment block was blown apart by a bomb.

As footage revealed the wreckage as a result, Karin said: “And you’re talking about that actual building?””

“And this actual building my home,” she replied, before going quiet.

Olga saw images of her family home, which had been bombed

Olga saw images of her family home, which had been bombed ( image BBC)

Karin responded: “Olga, I don’t want you to be forced to talk about something that is so sudden and traumatic. This is unimaginable.”

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“I’m just trying to find out where is my flat,” Olga replied, shaken. “”Because I was living on the sixth floor and basically it’s a 10 storey building, there is a 16 storey building linked to that.””

The reporter was in tears over the scenes

The reporter was in tears over the scenes ( Image BBC dont miss)

As she sighed and appeared to cry, she added: “I just can’t believe it in my head. What I’m seeing is somewhere I used to live.”

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Sharing the clip on Twitter, Karin wrote: “The moment my @bbcukrainian colleague @Yollika sees pictures of her family home, partially destroyed overnight in #Kyiv. We did not know until that moment it was her actual building that had been hit. Thankfully Olga’s family is safe.”

It comes after a GMB reporter was forced to take cover during his live report from Kyiv and a BBC journalist shed a tear during his broadcast from the Ukrainian capital.