Baskin Africa Calls On Parliament To Unanimously Reject The 1.75% Momo Tax

Policy Think Tank, Baskin Africa has called on the Parliament of Ghana to unanimously reject the proposed 1.75% e-transaction levy in the 2022 budget statement.

In a press statement, Baskin Africa calls on Parliament to withhold the passage of the appropriation bill until the Government of Ghana withdraws the proposed levy.

Among the other proposals Baskin Africa outlines in its review of the 2022 budget statement, are the following:

-the government of Ghana should reverse the decision to restore the benchmark values by maintinh the 50% discount on selected general goods and 30% on vehicles. The Think Tank believes that until government is able to adopt a long-term import substitution policies to maximize production of local goods, the 50% subsidy on these selected general goods will cushion the ordinary Ghanaian since the basket of goods are consumables that the ordinary Ghanaian patronizes.

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-the reversal of the decision to remove road tolls and rather abolish the following taxes and levies on petroleum products;

  1. The price stabilization and recovery levy
  2. The special petroleum tax
  3. The energy sector recovery levy
  4. The sanitation and pollution levy
  5. The energy debt recovery levy.

In pursuit of fairness for the ordinary Ghanaian, Baskin Africa made six proposals for consideration by both the government and the Parliament of Ghana.

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The Think Tank believes that if allowed to be implemented, these taxes and levies will be a disincentive to small and medium enterprises, and will therefore weaken the idea of moving Ghana from Taxation to Production. Baskin Africa further warns that, these tax policies will further worsen the already worse cost of living of the ordinary Ghanaian, and will ultimately contribute to the unemployment situation in Ghana.