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Attendees left stunned as raffia basket is filled with water by priest at Asafotufiam Festival [Video]

At the Asafotufiam Festival earlier this month, the attendees were left in utter shock and disbelief when a raffia basket was able to hold water.

In fact, the science surrounding water was deified when the fetish priest was able to hold water in a raffia basket carried by one of his assistants.

How the water was not able to flow through the tiny visible holes in the raffia basket still remains a mystery to all who gathered to witness the magic.

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The raffia basket was filled to the brim with water, thrown out and refilled. It was a mixture of shock, surprise and suspense for those gathered.

It was a case of Black Magic having an upper hand over Science; defying all the laws in the process.

The Asafotufiam Festival is celebrated by the chiefs and peoples of Ada in the Dangbe East of the Greater Accra region of Ghana. The festival is celebrated in the first week of August every year.

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