Artist Ray Thanks The Public For Donating Over £40,000 For His Liver Surgery, Debunks Fake Account Rumours


Emmanuel Apraku, a popular Ghanaian artist who works at Ray Styles Studio under the tag name @pencilledcelebrities, has, via a video, sent words of appreciation to all who donated towards his health needs.

Reports of his health complication hit social media a few days ago where the public was urged to donate some amount towards his surgery which was needed in order to save his life.

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Per the campaign that was put together on Twitter in particular with additional artwork to solicit funds so he can undergo the liver surgery, it came out that the target was exceeded as many donated wholeheartedly towards the noble cause.

In a video released by Ray on social media, he expressed profound gratitude to all who in a way or the other helped to get the required amount of money for his surgery in India.

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Although his body looked frail and feeble and his eyes and face gave an expression of pain and sullenness, Ray managed to debunk rumours emanating that the gofundme account that was created in his name was a scam.



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