Anointing oil cannot create your future – Kennedy Agyapong


Ghanaian law-maker, Kennedy Agyapong has dedicated himself to school the youth to get liberated from mental slavery.

In his latest nuggets on Net 2 TV, the Assin-Central MP said anointing oil, stickers, armband, and others cannot create one’s future.

A lot of people believe that once they use an item from an anointed man of God, it gives them the ability to become so.

But the KEN CITY Media CEO is saying that is not true.

In his words, he said:

“Anointing oil, stickers that you take from your pastor or prophet cannot create your future…Prophet cannot create your future”.

He continued:

“You have to be creative and create your future… Future is not something you can just enter into. You create, build and enjoy it”.

“So the mentality of using a shortcut to make money is a horrible attitude that we need to change. You have to work, you have to think”, he added.

Ken Agyapong further advised before to always strive to do more — going the extra mile.

‘Someone will say I am greedy, it is not that I am greedy…my head is always aching me because of the plans I have in my head. My money is not enough to accomplish my plans but after building one house, and so what, does it mean that is the end of life?, he quizzed.

Watch the video below:


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