Angry Funny Face Reign cvrse on the two teenagers who k!lled a young boy to use for Money Ritval


Kasoa Vandamme, Funny Face has reacted to the alleged incident of two boys k!lling another a young boy whom they intend to use for Money Rituals.

The tragic news sent shockwaves to the entire nation taking into consideration the accused boys are believed to be less than 20 years respectively, leaving everyone asking what exactly could make them so desperate to go to that extent trying to make money.

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Funny Face in reaction said the incident is a disgrace to the people of Kasoa while branding the two boys as Evil and Satan’s Offsprings.

Funny went on by Reigning curses on them asking God to punish them by letting them suffer without knowing peace in their entire life.

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Angry Funny Face Reign curse on the two teenagers who killed a young boy to use for Money Ritual


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