Alleged secessionists fired at my car twice – Ho STC driver speaks


The driver of the STC bus that was set ablaze by alleged secessionist at the Ho Lorry Station on Tuesday, September 29, David Acheampong, has said his car was shot at by the unidentified attackers twice.

“I was sleeping in the car when I heard gun shot fired at my my car,” he narrated.

“After a few minutes another gunshot was fired. So I got out of the car and went to the entrance of the lorry station but it was at the gate that I met the people wielding the guns and firing warning shot.

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“I begged them not to kill me. Then they moved to the security man after which I fled.”

The assailants suspected to be members of separatist group Western Togoland Restoration Front went on rampage at the STC Yard.

Numbering about 10, these armed men also beat up some drivers and attacked about four buses, setting one completely ablaze.

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The Ho Municipal Chief Executive Officer, Prosper Bi-Pansah said the attackers took them by surprise.

“They have taken us unaware. We heard of the vantage points they targeted, the big market and the installations.

“So we went round those areas to educate them to get prepared and gave our numbers to them that they should call us immediately they see or suspect somebody but this STC Yard, we didn’t come here because we didn’t know that they would attacked the place.

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“There is security patrols, the soldiers are patrolling the town. They might have moved from the station before the attackers came here.”



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