Akufo-Addo to address nation on voters registration exercise


President Nana Akufo-Addo will later Monday, address the nation on the upcoming voters’ register compilation, the Director of Communications at the Presidency says.

According to Eugene Arhin, “the time for the address will be communicated in the course of the day.”

It will be a rare occasion of the president addressing the nation twice in a space of 24 hours, following his 13th televised address on the government’s management the Covid-19 pandemic.

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The expected address follow the Supreme Court’s green light to the Electoral Commission to compile a new voters’ register.

The EC argues the current register is overly bloated.

Besides that, Commission says the voter management system is at an end of life and must be replaced.

The opposition NDC however, vehemently campaigned against the compilation and challenged the same in the apex court.

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After the Supreme Court agreed with the EC on compiling a new role without accepting the current ID as an identification document, the NDC expressed disappointment but urged all Ghanaians to come out and register.

The exercise begins on Tuesday, June 30.


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