Actress Kisa Gbekle flaunts her new body after surgery in Turkey [video]…


Ghanaian actress Kisa Gbekle has shared some fresh videos on social media flaunting her new look after her surgery.

Kisa Gbekle is currently in Turkey where she is undergoing a surgical procedure on her body in an Istanbul medical facility.

The musician turned actress announced this on her social media early Tuesday.

“Hi guys so today I’m in Turkey I am in the Best Clinic Istanbul with Dr Sirkan Balta. He is going to work on my body like I’ll tell you guys something later but I’m ready for this right now I can’t wait to get everything big by Dr Sirkan,” she said in a video she shared on Instagram.“Wish me well,” she told her followers in her caption under the video.

Kisa didn’t state which part of her body is being surgically worked on as she left that for her followers to ponder over.

Well the surgery was successful and Kisa is back on her feet but according to her, the pain she feels is unbearable.

Kisa Gbekle disclosed in a recently shared video that she pretends to be strong but only God knows how she feels after the surgery.

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Although she was in pain, the beautiful actress managed to show off her new body and flex herself to her fans.

Some critics have said they see no changes in the body of Kisa Gbekle and she might have wasted thousands of dollars to look the same as she did in the past.


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