A married woman in tears after her heart was broken by a guy she loves more than her husband and kids (video)


Things are really happening under this sun, and what I have chanced on today makes me believe that a lot of people are walking love sick.

A married woman has been crying over a young man she claims she loves more than her own husband, kids, and siblings.

According to the woman who mentioned her name as Grace, her side boy, Nicholas, broke up with her a year ago only to come back and trigger her feelings for him which has grown past what how she loved him in the past.

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We deduced from her story that Nicholas’ reason for their recent break up is because she is married – a detail Nicholas was privy to before jumping on the relationship train with Grace.

Nicholas is currently in love with one lady identified as Ophelia.

Grace actually recorded the video to melt Nicholas’ heart, but we are told the video landed in the hands of Nicholas’ main chick who in-turn sent the video to the woman’s husband. As to how the video got into the public domain, pillanews.com cannot really tell, but this is obviously a woman who needs help as she was heard in the video threatening to do worse to herself.

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Watch the video by clicking on the link below



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