7 Psychological tricks to get her to like you


Many guys think that a woman wants a man with loads of money, Brad Pitt looks but that’s not the whole story.

You need to understand the PSYCHOLOGY OF ATTRACTION & what women intensively look for in a man.

Before we get started, also check out my previous post on how to approach women I’ve revealed lots of sects on how to smoothly approach women & get her number.

Alright let’s roll…

Preselection is whereby a woman sees you with lots of other women, she’ll more likely to become attracted to you & will be curious of why other girls are interested in you. This shows that you have qualities other women desire.

One way to do this is to go out with your female friends to clubs,social environment etc , if you don’t have female friends, arrive there early chat with some groups of girls & be friend them, when other women arrive, they’ll see that you’re hanging out with other girls and become more interested.

You’ll be a lot more noticeable if you’re with other women than just being alone or with your guy friends.

Another way to do this is to casually mention other women in your life throughout the conversation but don’t overdo this or you might come off as a player.


The journal of applied psychology found that humans place higher value on objects that are scarce & lower value on object that are abundant.

Base on the same principle, don’t always be available at any moment, have other things going on in your life & make to have standards beyond her looks, one way to convey this is to ask her a qualification question such as “Besides, your pretty looks, tell me one interesting thing about you?
This tells her that you have standards and won’t date her based on her looks alone.

#3.The Extended look :

Studies shows that two people in conversation normally make eye contact to 30%-60% of the time.
Couple who are in love however look each other 75% of the time or more.

When you look at a girl you like maintain strong eye contact with her about 75% or more. This establish intimacy. It also shows you’re a relaxed, confident guy & women find that attractive.

#4.Proud Face:-

Show emotional expression of HAPPINESS, PRIDE & SHAME compared to neutral face. Too much smiling perceived as feminine or shy.

So when you’re talking to a chick, smile but don’t overdo it.
Women find men with a proud face as high status & are comfortable around girls.
So when you approach women you like recall something you’re proud of & start the conversation while gliming with pride.

#5. Instant Status Signal :-

When you dress high status women will assume you’re high status man, so wear quality clothes that are not yet old or worn out. And also make sure they’re well tailored because women will notice this & that’s one way they detect your status.

#6.Open Body language:-

Men with closed body language come of as less attractive, less confident & less persuasive.
So always display open body language by standing tall,confident and take up space.


A leader in a group trends to have the highest status.Women like and prefer men that take charge, make decisions & leads her/group. Create plan for the night, decide where to go & what to do.

And if you like what you’ve learnt this is just a scratch of the surface.

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