Fella Makafui And Medikal Debunks Rumors Of Their Marriage Being On Fire With This Video


Actress cum entrepreneur Fella Makafui has shared a video debunking rumors that her marriage with Medikal is on fire after her recent trip to Dubai and we hope it’s not just for the gram.

Fella Makafui shared a video of herself and Medikal enjoying each other’s company as they have always been doing and the vibe between them is just getting stronger which depicts the impression that everything is alright between them.

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But then rumors of their marriage being on fire after her trip to Dubai have been circulating online and this recent video of them staying out late at night to enjoy themselves shows that everything is okay between them.

Knowing how these two can do anything just for the gram, we hope the video of them enjoying each other’s company is not just for the gram but then is a reflection of how lovely and cheerful their home is.

video below;