Looking for ‘friendly faces’: This firm will pay $200,000 for right to your face on its robots


A Robot company offers to pay $200K to use one person’s face and voice ‘forever’

A tech firm is willing to pay a whopping $200,000 to use the face of people for their new robots that they have created to serve in various companies.

According to reports, the tech firm is willing to give the $200,000 to anyone who is willing to give his voice as well as rights to his face for the company to use in creating their robots.


According to Boston 25 News, Promobot is making new hyper-realistic robots, and they want to base them off real people to look extra lifelike.

The company said it is looking for a “kind and friendly” appearance, and they are seeking applications from any race or gender just as long as they are over 25.

People who are interested have been told you to report themselves for the final procedures to be made after which their money would be dispersed to them.

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