Stop admiring just my [email protected] and promote my songs – ‘Echoke’ singer Sefa


Ghanaian afro-pop singer Sefadzi Amesu, popularly known as Sefa, has said her fans should stop admiring only her breasts and other body parts and promote her songs too to make a living.

Speaking in an interview on Asaase Radio’s late afternoon show, “Rush Hour”, the beautiful songstress said people talked about her “outer appearance the most” without focusing on how best to promote her career.

If it’s not about “my breasts, then it has to do about my shape or my ass or something. I feel like … it’s because they like it that’s why they’re talking about it. But that shouldn’t be the topic,” she said.

The Black Avenue Muzik record label signee disclosed that although people mostly talked about their appearance, female singers “can never take that looks out … because it’s part of your brand.”

She, however, added that “if … all the attention is based on the looks and not about promoting the music or promoting the vocals or promoting the person’s songs elsewhere, then what’s the purpose of all this?”

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“I’m not an actress, I’m not a model, I’m a musician,” she said, adding, “if you’re promoting my looks, at least add the music to it, let it go … hand in hand or the music more than the looks. It shouldn’t just be about my looks.”

She further noted that female singers had to do “twice better or more” than whatever men did “to be recognized in this part of our industry.”

When asked whether she was not inciting these discussions on her looks with her style on social media, Sefa maintained that what people saw on social media is not who she was.

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“No, but that’s not me, … the Sefa that my mom knows, my father knows, is the Sefa that’s always sleeping, watching cartoons in the room always. Like, I don’t even go out, because I don’t like to go out.

“But then when it comes to my work, when it comes to my social media, when it comes to my stage performance, my music, I have an alter ego, that’s the “Sefa_gh” that you guys see, the music me. That’s the one that gives you all that … but me myself, I’m very calm,” she said.

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The songstress opined that females in the entertainment industry “don’t necessarily sell with sex, we sell with our femininity.”

Noting that most of the times people attend shows not “because of your music” but “because they want to see you as a female … They’re coming to look at you.”




Source: Daily Mail