Sad: 3 Pupils Knocked Down To Death On Their Way To School By An Over-speeding Car At Sankore

Three pupils have met their untimely death after they were knocked down on their way to school by an overspeeding car at Sankore in the Asunafo South District of the Ahafo Region.

The pupils of Royal East Academy Preparatory School whose names were given as
Maxwell Baah, Atta Sekyi, and Peter Akompe were crossing the N12 highway at Sankore Resurrection Power Ministry junction when the overspeeding driver knocked all three down.

All three pupils who were on their way to school Wednesday, January 12, 2022, did not alter a word as all the three died on the spot.

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The information available to DGN Online indicates that Maxwell, the first to be hit, as he was walking ahead of all of them when the car crushed him.
He sustained injuries in the head and his legs as he was reportedly dragged by the car after hitting him.

Atta Sekyi and Peter Akompe tried running back to the pedestrian lane but the driver in charge of the Nissan hatchback crushed them to death.
Atta somersaulted before crashing the windscreen of the car.

Peter Akompe was pinned to the accident guides on the road before dying.
Peter could have survived the accident, but the car pinned him so hard to the extent of his intestines coming out of his anus, an eyewitness stated.

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However, the unidentified driver of the Nissan vehicle did not obtain any critical injuries after the accident as he took to his heels after he was rescued from the wrecked car.

Frank Owusu, a motorcycle rider who witnessed the accident, noted that all three students were already dead when he tried saving them.

“One was already under the car when I got there.

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“He had been dragged beneath the car while the remaining two were on the car. None of them seemed to have a life in them during the rescue to the hospital”, the eyewitness explained.

He noted that the driver was overspeeding hence the accident, saying that if the driver was using a minimum speed, the students would have been saved.

Meanwhile, the bodies have been deposited at the morgue of the Sankore Hospital while the driver of the Nissan vehicle is still on the run after killing all three.